Tuesday means night city riding! It’s always a great time, and we made a couple of stops along the way. Here are some pics (with my buddy AC) at the Capital of the great state in the union Texas!

Total distance: 11.7 miles (approx.)

Starting point:

East 3rd St. to Whole Foods 2.1 miles

Whole Foods to The Capital 1.2

The capital to Chipotle 3.3 miles

Chipotle to Dirty Bills 3.6 miles

Dirty Bills to starting point 1.5 miles

Duration: (Approx.) 2 hrs

This was a fun ride…got to ride down south bound Guadalupe, I’m pretty sure we got to about 25-30 mph down hill. It’s definitively a slope every cyclist has to ride here in Austin.

Until next time…



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