From the Roaster: What Makes Coffee Strong?

Nestle up with me!

Nestle up with me!

Do you know what really grinds my beans? It’s a simple description that people use for coffee, that can mean two completely different things, depending on the speaker. When you say you like your coffee ‘strong,’ do you mean the flavor or the caffeine? Believe it or not, the two are generally at opposite ends of the spectrum.

For coffee to have a strong or bold flavor, it helps for the roast to be darker. French Roast is so popular because the coffee beans are roasted longer giving them a more rich and powerful flavor. But, the higher the temperature you roast it, the more caffeine is lost to the heat. This means a light cup of coffee, generally referred to as a breakfast blend for its higher caffeine content, is going to have a ‘stronger’ effect on your body, but a ‘weaker’ flavor.

Keep this in mind when you tell people, “I like strong coffee.” Do you like your coffee with stronger flavor or stronger caffeine?

And remember, stay buzzed…



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