Around the World Coffee: Nicaragua

Sip a bit of this during the month of June: sweet and smooth flavor with small fruity notes and a strong Earthy finish describes the taste of June’s Around the World Coffee from Nicaragua. Learn a little bit about Nicaraguan coffee below. 

Coffee about to get roasted!

One of our roasters is about to light up these coffee beans.

In the mid-1800s, Nicaragua found themselves with coffee beans, which would eventually become the nation’s cash crop. Today, more than 40,000 families own farms that cultivate their coffee in a way that protects the delicate rainforests and threatened biodiversity of the area. During coffee harvest, the large plantations can employ up to thousands of coffee pickers. Because of its great impact on the economy and agriculture, Nicaragua’s government has become extremely involved and supportive of the coffee industry. For the month of June, you can be a part of all this by purchasing the Around the World Coffee: Strictly High Grown European Processed Organic Nicaraguan Coffee. Click here and get it shipped to your door.

Coffee Beans

These coffee beans are just chillin like a villain.

The following will entice some coffee addicts. Proceed with caution.

Cupping notes for our coffee addicts:

  • 100% Organic Arabica
  • Strictly High Grown, European Processed (SHG EP)
  • Grown in the Northern Mountains, close to the border of Honduras
  • Sweet and smooth, with light floral notes
  • Heavy earth tones on the backend with a lingering mouth feel
  • Soil: Predominantly Clay, Loam
  • Altitude: 1150-1500m 5 producing farms in the Isabelia Mt. range
  • Processes: Fully washed and sun-dried

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